Afterworld: Road to Redemption (Hell’s Angel #1)

Olivia Booth,
Victoria Liiv
The world has fallen to a flood of sorrow, pain, and loss created by the four horsemen as they turn Earth into Hell’s front lawn. Their ultimate goal is to find the person who can birth the devil. Jax was cruelly groomed from birth to be a vessel for the second horseman, War. But Jax has other plans, breaking the ritual does stop War from walking free, but binds him to Jax’s soul. When Kate and her German Shepherd, Hank, stumble into a death trap, an unexpected angel steps in and saves her before giving her unique powers and a heavenly weapon. Jax needs that weapon to cut himself free of War, but sparks and feelings quickly fly as he and Kate fight and discover their destiny together. But those feelings might just stop Kate from saving the world.
A brilliant paranormal romance that will suck the reader in and compel them to never stop flipping the pages. The apocalyptic world that is built in this story is written beautifully and allows the reader to fully immerse themselves. Both Kate and Jax are perfectly written and show growth throughout the story. The way in which the romance and storyline itself plays out is both fantastic and swoon worthy. There are some instances where the characters forget about something that they shouldn’t have, but otherwise this story is pure gold. Please be advised that this book contains several possible triggers such as animal death, animals in distress, mentions of rape, and heavily religious themes. Readers should see the author's full list of triggers before reading. This apocalyptic story is one that will be remembered for years.
Annalee Stilove