A Witch in Time (Cat's Paw Cove Book 1)

Cathering Kean,
Wynter Daniels

TIME TRAVEL:  There's something a little different about Cat's Paw Cove, something magical. When Colin Wilshire's ship is caught in a storm, he finds himself in a weird place with a strange woman looming over him. Luna Halpern has a bad history when it comes to guys. She thinks she has finally found the ideal man, but fate has other plans. She comes across a man who seems to be from another time and is keen to help him. As they spend more time together, she finds herself becoming more attracted to him. Colin cannot spend enough time with Luna; she is like nothing he has ever seen before. Colin is torn between his past and the future. 

"A Witch in Time" is a short and sweet paranormal romance that combines the excitement of the high seas with a quaint little cove where not everything is as it seems. Colin is an intriguing character who finds himself transported to a land he does not know. There is sweet dialogue between Colin and Luna that readers can lose themselves in and a romance that grows quickly. The language of the book matches both Colin's time and Luna's, adding to the ambiance. More descriptions throughout the book would have added to the story and grip the reader. Although the storyline is a bit clichéd, “A Witch in Time” is a cute quickie read and a promising start to the series. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick