Witch Fall (Witch Song #3)


The third in the “Witch Song” series, “Witch Fall” tells the prequel story of Lilette, the great witch who came before Brusenna. As rulers of the world witches have become secure in their power. However, when the kingdom of Harshen captures Lilette and seeks to use the witches to fight their enemies, the balance between the Keepers and everyone else is threatened. Driven to escape Prince Chen and return to her sister Sash, Lilette must rediscover her song and fight for a way to escape Harshen without hurting the citizens she’s come to consider her fellow countrymen in the process. However, someone is singing curses in the shadows and Lilette may be the only one who can stop them.


A complex YA fantasy tale, Lilette is a tragic figure. Previous books mention her and what she did and as a result her story seems to mostly center on fulfilling her tragic fate. As a character, Lilette is a young girl, very beautiful and powerful, but untrained and rather weak willed. She is also constantly being saved by others, and does little to really alter what has been foreseen to come. However, the romance between her and Han is sweet and the story does explain how things became so bad for the witches, as set out in the other books. Further, the action and magic being thrown around is fun to read. This is a great book for lovers of the series and witch tales in general.


Sarah E. Bradley