The Wishing Well (Legends of Love Book One)


Once upon a time all in Rothwyn knew the tales of magic associated with the ancient well within its borders. Now only a meager few know what lies within the confines of the watering hole. 


Lady Lora FitzGilbert feels trapped in a gilded cage by the lifestyle imposed upon her as the daughter of an earl. She longs to be free, to be able to explore the world beyond the walls of Rothwyn. Drawn to the well by the singing hammer of a stonemason brought in to cap the well, she learns of its legends and finds herself drawn to the intriguing and handsome stranger. Gareth knows better than to meddle with a woman such as Lora, but he cannot help himself, and soon finds himself floundering in the morass that is love. 


An intriguing tale of a magical well and the people who believe in the power for change, “The Wishing Well”, is a delightful read. The characters are the highlight of the tale; each deftly crafted and allowed to fully develop as the story progresses. The story line plays out nicely with only a few minor hiccups, and they are easily recovered from. The power of magic that hovers within the story is beautifully highlighted, and the author even touches upon the fact that magic is not reliable. Start to finish the reader is brought on an adventure, that is not always happy, but is realistic. The intricate twists of plot as the magic plays itself out keep the reader on their toes. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto