Winter Song


Sage is heartbroken.   Her boyfriend Cooper has drowned in a fishing accident.  All their dreams have drowned with him.  What will she do about Winter Song now?  It was the name they gave their old cabin, hoping to turn it into a bed and breakfast.  But it needs work and money, and Sage needs help.  Richard, a local policeman, offers it, but Sage is determined to go it alone.  She could use a handyman, and thats where Noah comes in.  Hes not looking to be a charity case but he does need work.  When Sage offers him a job in exchange for room and board, its his last resort.  Someone isnt happy with this new arrangement, however  Cooper!  Hes come back as a ghost, haunting Winter Song.  In another bizarre twist, Noah can see dead people and talk to them.  Things get tense between the two men, with Noah trying to convince Cooper to leave, and Cooper trying to drive Noah away.  


Winter Songis a paranormal romance with some surprising twists!  The characters of Sage, Cooper and Noah are engaging, and their interactions carry the story well.  Some threads need a little more explanation to be convincing, and the sudden introduction of Richard and his nefarious plot doesn't fit well in the story line. The author does a great job of bringing all the tales emotions together, and paves the way for everyone to walk lifes path, on Earth and beyond.


Victoria Z. Burg