Window of Death


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Lucy is a CIA agent working undercover with coyotes bringing illegals over the border from Mexico. This latest mission brings up many other questions: Lucy is always cautious to not blow her cover but someone has her house bugged and she thinks it’s Cooper Steele, a private security contractor who often works with the FBI. Cooper is relentless, asking her for private meetings. While trying to uncover more details of her own mother's murder when she was six months old, she has reoccurring night terrors that reveals more details. Lucy is a fantastic CIA agent but with her gift of premonition she often helps others before their demise. Lucy found her match in her boyfriend Johnny, and together can help many. 


“Window of Death” is a fabulous read showcasing strong female characters and a never ending plot of suspense and drama with an added dash of paranormal. Readers will truly enjoy every chapter and not stop until the last page is read! There are multiple characters, which at times gets a little overwhelming, but the story holds strong and will keep readers engrossed. This is part of a trilogy, and reading the first book would definitely help readers get up to date with where this book leads. The subplots are well thought out and the paranormal twists are creative and full of detail to give the readers a firsthand experience of what’s happening! This is a fast paced and clean read. Reading the next installment is a must!


Viola Robins