The Wiccan Witch of the Midwest (Samuel Roberts #4)

Scott A.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After the last few years of supernatural weirdness and the breakup of his relationship with his love, lawyer Samuel Roberts decides he needs to move out of the house that holds too many memories. As a way to cheer him up and get him out into the dating pool, his friend Bob surprises him with a tarot card reading by an attractive fortune teller. What should have been a bit of fun entertainment turns into something a whole lot more when Sam falls rather quickly in love with her - just as she is accused of the worst kind of magic and faces death by burning. Can Sam’s skills as a lawyer pull her from the fire or is it Salem all over again?


This mystery romance delves into the mystical and magical realm of spells, potions and the misunderstood Wiccan religion. Sam is an interesting character. He’s knowledgeable, funny and quick on his feet yet he’s also fallible. Bob is not as well-defined but he performs the role of comedic sidekick with panache. The two together make a fairly competent sleuthing pair. Unfortunately, the numerous superfluous descriptive passages bogs down the narrative flow and editing errors distract the reader from the mystery. The crime itself is quite compelling and the comparison to the Salem Witch Trials is thought-provoking, but the execution of the plot falls flat. A diamond in the rough, this gem just needs a good polishing to make it truly shine.


Carol Conley