Cage fighter Caleb Hallow is focused solely on beating his opponent Austin Graves, and becoming the world champion welterweight. Destiny, however, has other plans. When Meg Riley catches her boyfriend Austin with another woman, she chases Caleb for a one-night stand to get revenge on Austin. In the morning, she finds a strange, enormous tattoo on her back. Caleb tells her of an identical tattoo on his back. Caleb confesses he is a werewolf, and the tattoo means they are mated for life. He is not ready to settle down — in fact, Caleb finds Meg unbearable — yet he can’t get enough of her sexy body. Meg feels the same way, filled with the same urges. Surely, destiny has gotten things wrong this time.

“Welterweight” is an intense love story between a werewolf and a human. Chosen by destiny, their relationship grows from one purely based on sex to a deep, caring love for one another. However, the story focuses so much attention on their out-of-control sex drives that much of the story is lost in between the graphic sex scenes. Additional characters are almost incidental to the storyline. We quickly meet Caleb’s six brothers, but never see most of them again. “Welterweight” is well written, but predictable with no real surprises. The werewolf lore is right on target, so if you love shapeshifter novels and steamy romance, you will feel right at home in Ms. Andersen’s novel. 

Belinda Wilson