A Warlock's Secrets (Demon's Witch Series)


Tristian Shandie can’t afford to fall in love.  After watching his parent’s death, he has put all his efforts into becoming the Chief Enforcer for the Demon Overlord and protecting his younger sister. Things are changing, however; his little sister no longer needs him and a woman has entered his life.  Hannah has secrets of her own and as much as Tristian fights it, he can’t resist the urge to unlock every mystery about this compelling woman.

“A Warlock’s Secret” is a satisfying read.  The author has added some new twists to the magical realm and blends mythological creatures into modern times seamlessly.  Her writing is smoothly readable and her characters are well developed, complex and interesting. 

There is a lot of description in this novel —descriptions of the inside of cars, descriptions of food and descriptions of locations.  At times this intricate detail slows down the pace of the story. Additionally, the story arc is formulaic, meaning that any potential tension created by the events is undermined by the reader’s ability to guess what will happen next.

“A Warlock’s Secrets” strengths are that the author builds a very realistic and compelling connection between her main characters.  Tristian and Hannah’s love grows naturally from attraction to deep love which keeps the reader enthralled with their romance.  It is this connection between the two which makes the novel a page turner from beginning to end.

Gwenellen Tarbet