Waking Dream (Dreams #5


In this fifth book of a series, Sara and Brian have moved into a new home with their family, including the recently adopted Grace. While trying to settle in and find some private time with Brian, Sara discovers a woman in red who appears first in Brian’s dreams and then in others, destroying lives in the process. Determined to protect her husband, Sara is forced to track the woman down both in reality and the dream world, before her husband’s work project is ruined and someone else gets hurt.


“Waking Dream” is a fantastic mix of paranormal dream walking, contemporary every day events, and suspense as Sara tracks down the woman in red while juggling a new house, kids at school, holidays, and her own practice. The story is fairly fast-paced and absorbing, drawing the reader into Sara’s life. The romance is one of a happy couple whose main concern is finding some alone time, which once found, isn’t graphic but does have a lot of innuendos that make this a solid adult read. The mystery of the woman in red's identity  takes priority in this book and is made more interesting as Sara learns she can be hurt in reality by what happens in the dreams. Although a lot of the story is full of everyday activities, the relationships between Sara, her kids, adopted Grace, and friends really adds to the story. 


Overall, this is a well-balanced, and intriguing read that will leave the reader wanting book six soon!


Sarah E Bradley