Vortex: Return of the Effra

Lindsey J.

Sam is attending University, but her heart isn’t in it.  Her father just died, she isn’t close to her stepmother, and she doesn’t have any interest in her classes.  She is also having unusual dreams about a strange man in a magical realm.  Little does she realize that the man and the realm are real, and she will soon meet and experience both.  
Damian is otherworldly, but committed to Sam’s protection.  He seems to be a decent man to Sam, but others from his world have their doubts about his integrity and sincerity.  Sam will soon find out there is much more to Damian than what she thinks she knows.  They discover travel between their two worlds through a vortex. But, others from Damian’s world have also discovered the vortex.  Their plan is to bring weapons from Earth to wreak destruction in Damian’s world.
 Lindsey Parsons writes a fantasy story that is both riveting and believable.  The characters are captivating and the plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats!  This book is a page-turner that will grab readers, wrap them up and hold them  hostage all night long, just to find out what will happen next!  The first in a series, Vortex is a wonderful opening to an intriguing story line, leaving readers yearning for the next installment!
Victoria Burg