The Virgin Queen (The Chronicles of Parthalan #2)

Jennifer Allis

FANTASY:  A queen must be prepared to do whatever it takes to defend and preserve her kingdom. Asherah, Queen of Parthalan and Lady of Tingu, has ruled the land through eight hundred years of prosperity until she is forced to fight a war with the Mersgoth.  Turning to the only warrior she can trust, she races against time with Aeolmar to defeat Mergoth.  Her kingdom is under attack from without and within, just as her heart threatens to betray her.

“The Virgin Queen” is a gloriously epic tale which consumes the reader from beginning to end!  The backdrop to the action melds with the main story seamlessly, allowing the reader to immerse themselves in a rich a complex world.  Ms. Provost’s prose is clear and concise, prompting the reader’s imagination to create a fantasy world where all things are possible.  Full of political and romantic intrigue “The Virgin Queen” has an understandably rich cast of characters and settings, which can in parts become confusing to the reader. The story arc is confusing in some places, not surprising with such a rich and varied tale. This story requires commitment on the part of the reader, and the problem can be alleviated by reading the series in the order in which it was intended.  

Full of intrigue and not a few surprises, “The Virgin Queen” is definitely a tale worth reading.

Gwenellen Tarbet