Violet Souls


FANTASY/SCI-FI:  When Bree Mills goes searching for clues to her past, she not only discovers the existence of aliens with supernatural abilities but also that she is one of them. A whole new world is opened to the single mother, made all the more alluring by Quinn Taylor. Despite knowing Bree’s destiny aligns with his own, Quinn must wait for her to sense the mysterious force known as Akui before he can confess his love. Fate takes a turn, however, when Bree is kidnapped by a malicious alien hellbent on obtaining her and her power.  Will Quinn still love Bree when she’s forced to protect her half-human daughter? Or will the cost be too great?

A novel that touches on multiple genres, “Violet Souls” is a powerful story of discovering one’s self. It is hard to pin down “Violet Souls’” genre since it encompasses sci-fi, romance, and paranormal all in one. The novel does a good job juggling the genres but doesn’t provide a consistent feel to the story. Some sections have a lighthearted and innocent young adult genre feel, particularly with the heroine’s behavior, which makes her seem younger than she is. Other parts are dark and can be disturbing, especially for abuse survivors. Bree and Quinn’s relationship also feels inconsistent. When they finally do have sex, the description is pretty tame, yet there are many scenes leading up to that which use explicit language.  Overall, the author tells an interesting story while creating a fascinating and original world and race. Despite its flaws, the novel clearly reflects the work put into it as well as the emotion.

Arec Rain