The Vampire Within


DARK FANTASY:  Sixteen-year-old Brandon Cass never thought he was special…until the smell of blood awakens a dark side of him he never knew existed. Haunted by images of a beautiful young woman he’s never seen before, and with his thirst for blood increasing with every passing day, Brandon has no choice but to find some answers, and fast. Leaving behind his family, he sets out for the answers that can save him…or condemn him forever.

An unique spin on common vampire lore, and with at the heart of it a teenage boy who has all the typical qualities one might expect: he’s a little dull at first, living a rather boring life, he’s a tad bit dramatic, and he longs for a bit of excitement. Then he gets a lot more excitement than he bargained for. The experience changes him for the better, and showcases his good sides, his strength, his determination. One of the strong points of this book is the relationship between Brandon and his sister, who had his back, no matter what. Parts of the book felt rushed, and the writing could’ve been better, but overall, it was an entertaining read. Fans of vampire books looking for something a little different should give “The Vampire Within” a try. 

Majanka Verstraete