Unsinkable Vampire (A Begotten Bloods Novella)


Charlotte Covington has lost her father within the last year to illness. Due to the loss of the family estate, Charlotte and her mother must travel from England to America to live with her uncle. As she boards the Titanic with her mother she is gripped by fear, as her mother takes ill within a short time of arriving aboard.
Dr. Henry Beckwith is not the ship's doctor, but a passenger himself who has offered his services while aboard. He arrives in the Covingtons' room, staying long enough to make sure his remedy has the desired effect, and leaves with the admiration of Mrs. Covington. As Henry spends time with Charlotte, the feelings between them start to grow. When Charlotte cuts herself, she notices that Henry's appearance changes as he attends to her wound, even his teeth seem to take on a different shape. What is it about Henry that doesn’t seem quite right? How can the man Charlotte is falling in love with still make her feel oddly uncomfortable at times?
There are so many Titanic stories out there, but don’t pass this one by!  Ms. King takes an intriguing, and very different approach!  She writes with beauty and accuracy of the era, her words drawing one onto the ship itself.  One can actually imagine themselves strolling along the decks of the Titanic, conversing with the well-to-do.  Although this book is about a vampire, the references to Henry's vampirism is very subtle, making this story engrossing and unique.  The word "fang" never once appears!  The only reason this novella loses 1/2 star is the cliff hanger ending, with the very basis of the book left hanging. Even if one is not a fan of the paranormal genre, this story would be enjoyed by all.  It is so beautifully written and unique, that it grabs one by throat and doesn't let go until the very last word!
Tonya Smalley