The Unraveling of Avery Snow - Past Lives Series Book 2


Avery Snow is an Affinity living on Earth, trying to have a relationship with Dallas.  This would be fine except that Landon is her soul mate, the one destined for her.  Landon, however, doesn’t even remember their past relationships, because the Relief Council shaved his memories.  As Dallas seems to pull away from Avery, focusing on his career and his relationships with other people, she wonders if she is wasting her time.  If Landon doesn’t remember he’s supposed to be with her – why should she try with him?  After Dallas is attacked by Sarafe, a Dark Guide, and almost dies, Avery decides she does truly love Landon, and wants to fulfill her destiny with him.  But first she has to destroy Sarafe.  


This book is a tangled web of love and sorrow, angels and spirit guides, and different relationships against an Earthly backdrop.  There is little explanation about the mystical side of things, and it’s hard to follow the story line.  Characters are introduced and eliminated suddenly with no additional information, adding to the confusion.  The first person speaker also moves from character to character with no defining information, making it hard to know who is talking.  More depth would help the story, instead of a “he said, she said” style.  That being said, the reader roots for Avery to decide where her heart truly lies, and to once and for all find peace in her life on Earth.


Victoria Z. Burg