An Unholy Alliance


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Reyna Blair has been on her own in the cold, cruel world since her parents were murdered and she was being severely injured in the same attack. Shes seen too much badness in the world to believe in a loving God and his plan for her life.  When a body is found in the peaceful small town of Purgatory, Texas, with ritualistic symbology, she suspects a cult murder. But its much more surprising. Shes about to be drawn into a war between the angels of Heaven and the descendants of the race of fallen Angel/human matings, the Nephilim.  Max is an angel who becomes her ally and protector, but he may have to kill her, because she is prophesied to become the mother of the Antichrist.


An Unholy Allianceis an entertaining dark fantasy loosely based on biblical elements.  Reyna is quite abrasive, but also sympathetic due to her emotional pain.  The horrible loss shes suffered has hardened her, but deep down, shes a good person. As she connects to Max, that part of her comes to the surface, but in turn she teaches him about the complex nature of humanity. The Nephilim story elements are chilling due to their evil nature and their dark plans.  A major appeal is that the angels dont stray too far from the biblical concept of angels. The story could have used some fleshing out on some plot elements, but its otherwise recommended.

Danielle Hill