Unexpected Superhero (Adventures of Lewis and Clarke Book 1)


Newlywed Tori Lewis inadvertently walks into a robbery in progress and discovers a gunman with a super power. Having been told all her life that super heroes did not exist, she was shocked to learn that not only were they a reality, but that she also possessed a super power. Afraid that her husband will not take the news well, she decides to put her power to good use while she finds a way to tell him. In the midst of her helpful pursuits with the police, she latches on to Superhero X as her mentor and finds herself quite attracted to him. A dilemma develops, as she can’t figure out how she’s attracted to her mentor when she’s madly in love with her husband.


This tale that takes place in a contemporary, urban American setting is a great start to the “Adventure of Lewis and Clark” series. With a mixture of adventure, drama, urban fantasy, humor, and suspense threaded through with a guise of romance and a smattering of the spiritual, it’s innovative in its combination of so many genres. It gets a a bit tedious, with its protagonists constantly withholding information from each other, which causes the reader to become frustrated. This issue along with minor editing problems and areas that need to be fleshed out to understand the motives, disrupts the flow of the plot. However, the characters are likeable and engaging, and the suspense with its twists and turns keeps the reader turning the pages. Add in the humorous, as well as the romantic, and it becomes a novel that will appeal to fans of numerous genres.  


Janna Shay