Under A Blood Kissed Moon (BloodMoon & Magic #1)


Thoren de Lucien is a vampire tormented by his past – shifters tore apart his family and clan, and now he’s on the hunt, killing everyone who crosses his path. A passionate encounter at a bar with a female shifter leaves him shaken when he goes after her, planning to get some answers, because the answers certainly weren’t what he expected. 

Ember Scott works as a bartender. She’s a snow leopard shifter, and was raised by two vampires. One night with Thoren left her almost dead, and she’s determined to get through and heal the vampire who is so different from any other vampire she’s ever met. Before she can help Thoren, she’ll have to deal with her own past. And before they can do that, Thoren’s past catches up with him. 

With some scorching hot scenes, this is a sizzling, fast-paced paranormal romance with some intriguing, although slightly stereotypical characters. Thoren de Lucien is the quite typical tormented/brooding vampire alpha, and Ember Scott is the girl with a dark past who wants to save him. The plot isn’t that original, and even some of the twists were predictable, and while it is entertaining, this does take away some of the fun of reading. It doesn’t offer anything new from other paranormal books out there. 

A fast-paced book that is easy to read in one setting, with engaging characters and a fluent writing voice. 

Majanka Verstraete