Amy is a doctor to humans and at night runs a clinic in a barn for the paranormal creatures.   When she attempts to atone for a past wrong she is captured and condemned to die.  Enter Rowan, who kidnaps her to save her from death.  The tale combines the powers of a magic healer and a leshy to save a part of the world that in truth will show how these creatures also can have biased views that rival the human world.


"Truthsight" is a paranormal romance that provides a different take on the creatures that go unseen.  A well-created fantasy world is built within the story of the human world.  Author Miriam Greystone has written a tale that will have readers on the edge of their seats! Exciting twists and turns lead readers to wonder if Rowan will die because of the Earth's rejection.  The author uses a female heroine, and then the battle is full of other creatures from the paranormal/fantasy realms that all stand together to save their land in the human world. The beginning was very slow going, creating more questions for the reader, than building a story.  Many typographical and grammatical errors take away from the reading experience in almost every chapter of the book.  The abrupt ending of the book was also little disappointing.  A clean book and a good read overall, for the paranormal/fantasy fan. 


Laura Dinsdale