Trust in Love (A Love Mark Fantasy Romance)


FANTASY:  As the bastard son of the Far Shore King, Farrow’s childhood was no walk in the park. Yearning for his father’s acceptance and respect, he takes on a deadly mission to kidnap a princess from a neighboring kingdom for torture and ransom. Princess Nicolette, the beloved sister of the Donnelly King, has a magical love mark tattoo that tells her Farrow is her soul mate and they are destined to be lovers.  It is just a matter of getting Farrow to trust in her love for him. As the two of them set out on a wild journey to return to Farrow’s homeland, they must learn to have faith in each other and in their prophesied magical fate to prevail over the many obstacles set in their path.

“Trust in Love” is a delightful romance full of adventure, mayhem, and magic. Readers will enjoy the journey of two lovers learning to believe in their pre-ordained destiny as they overcome their own personal insecurities. Their perilous romp across two kingdoms is as comical as it is dangerous. The characters they encounter are remarkable and distinctive. Readers may find the dialogue slightly juvenile due to the ages of the two main characters. The long awaited love scene is steamy; however, again the dialogue is laced with otherworldly references neither character should know. Readers will find the hint of mystery behind a few of the secondary characters very intriguing and will definitely hate the truly despicable and outrageously evil villains. Ms. Kage delivers an imaginative tale filled with humorous escapades, an unexpected bit of tragedy, and thrilling action that will no doubt leave her readers with a trust in love!

Tonya Mathenia