The Triad (The Houses of Storem #3)


FANTASY:  The world is ruled by two jewels, the Diamond and the Onyx, both seeking to claim the love of the Goddess Yui. To defend their kingdom from the malevolent rule of the Onyx, a Prince, a powerful wizard, and a young woman with a destiny have gathered to form the Triad. With the aid of a half elf, a princess from the north, tolls, elves, dwarfs, and many more, they set out to defeat the false king on the Diamond throne and then the Onyx once and for all.


A D&D type fantasy adventure novel, this is the conclusion to “The House of Storem” trilogy. A mixed cast of fantasy creatures fill this book, and provide a nice assortment of personalities to follow. Loose ends are tied up well, and problems are resolved. However, this is a very long book made unnecessarily so due to the repeated explanation of each character’s background and present feelings, and time traveling from one place to another. Romance fills the book, yet it remains light. The main focus of the book is spent on collecting allies for the battles that are exciting but spaced out. Birl stands out among the characters and readers will enjoy watching Birl grow into her destiny. That aside, her gender is made completely irrelevant without making her genderless which is also welcome difference readers might appreciate. Overall, with editing, especially to eliminate repetition, this could be a great read for high fantasy lovers. 


Sarah E Bradley