Tower in the Woods

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Nel Zapur is a trained sniper sealed in a tower at the edge of WITCH (Women’s Independent Territory Church) where she keeps the zombies at bay. For eleven years she’s kept the western border safe from zombies with no contact from anyone except Mother Gothel. One night in the middle of a blizzard she sees a figure running toward her tower. She kills the zombies following him, but when he reaches the tower she has to decide whether to let him freeze to death or toss him her supply rope and bring him into her tower.

Special Agent Dane Prince is on a mission. For the last twenty years one young girl a month has been kidnapped from New America’s capital city. The Federal Military Agency has no leads until two women arrive severely beaten and bitten by zombies. After being treated for their wounds and the Undead Reanimation Virus, they tell the FMA everything they know about WITCH. Dane is sent to verify and gather additional Intel. Fortunately for him, Nel decides to let him in her tower rather than let him freeze to death under her window.


Fans of Rapunzel will enjoy the similarities in this quick delightful read. It has excellent writing, an interesting plot and well-developed characters. Nel may be sealed in a tower, but she has a library to keep her busy. She’s never even seen a man, but while she’s inexperienced she’s not uneducated. Dane has been around the block many times and has a thing for bondage. The chemistry between the two is delicious!


Carol Conley