Together for Christmas (Vicarage Bench #5)


Small town England 1969 and the winter snow is falling.  Abbie is out covering her favorite rose bush near the vicarage where she volunteers.  Marcus, a local business man who’s overworked and trying to avoid his mother is resting on the bench near the bush.  Abbie pricks her finger with a thorn and suddenly falls unconscious. Marcus is quick to her aid, however, he is also pricked by the same bush. Marcus begins to hear Abbie’s thoughts as if they are his own. He thinks he’s gone crazy. She has somehow taken up residency in him and they both are unclear how or why. In the weeks it takes to undo what was done, they get to know each other and begin to have true feelings for each other. If they can only get Abbie to wake and return to her original self...


Ms. Barbour has created a delightfully unique and creative way to bring two strangers very close together! The main characters are humorous and the reader slowly learns they are truly two kindred spirits through their generosity and kindness. The subplots that flow through the story are deftly interwoven and tie the book together beautifully. There is a twist that may leave readers unsure where the story is going but everyone will appreciate how the story ends and celebrates the wonderful Christmas spirit!


Julie Caicco