Thundered Hearts

Rae Z.

MYSTERY:  Bethany Ann McCallister is a Creek Indian Spirit Walker enmeshed in a world of Indian folklore and kept imprisoned by lies created by her family. She has the power to draw electricity from objects and nature, but is barred from fulfilling her destiny by the Native American Mandate and her family. When Lucien Brown, the man who stole and broke her heart three years earlier arrives on her doorstep sick and needing her help, Bethany can’t refuse him. As her destiny manifests itself, Bethany must choose between saving the only man she has ever loved or saving the world.


This mixture of the supernatural, magic, romance, and mythology interweaves seamlessly into a captivating story that is hard to put down! A little difficult to follow in the beginning, this detail-rich tale might cause the reader to lose focus if one doesn’t pay close attention. However, with a little perseverance and a discount of the minor editing issues, this beguiling tale filled with Native American myths and beliefs, otherworldly magic, numerous twists and turns, and steamy romance pleasantly entertains. The characters are intriguing and complex as is the story line. Reading almost like a puzzle with pieces that need to be fit together, the fast pace and intriguing plot keeps one turning the pages rapidly. Readers of romantic suspense, as well as the supernatural will find this a fascinating read.


Janna Shay