Tempting the Light (L.A.M.P.S. #1)


HUMOROUS:  Abby Fitzpatrick has always had bad luck. Losing her job should be enough for one day but then she catches her boyfriend in bed with a mime and is cursed by a genie (who appears out of a tampon box) to turn into a Jersey Devil during her period. Surely that would be the end!  Sadly, no. Then she meets River Stone, the hottest guy she’s ever seen. He wants her but first wants to catch the jersey devil in the area. Clearly, Abby has to do something, but ending the curse is going to be a bit trickier than she or her best friend planned, especially since there is a man-eating gnome on the loose. With all that bad luck on the loose, maybe one Cryptid hunter will be the cure.


A paranormal romance full of comedy and lust, “Tempting the Light” is the first in the “Legends and Myths Police Squad or (L.A.M.P.S.)” series. A story full of unbelievable bad luck, hunky if inept and clueless monster hunters and an animal-lover best friend, this story has plenty of zany characters, paranormal occurrences and enough steam to draw in any fan of paranormal romance. Although the story lacks any depth or substance to the romance itself, the action is rushed, and the plot borders on the absurd at times, the comedy will draw in some readers while the sparks flying between Abby’s friend and River’s partner makes the next book something to look forward to.


Sarah E. Bradley