Tears for a World (The Lonely World Trilogy #1)


EPIC FANTASY:  Marisylia Malludar holds an enchanted object around her neck – an object that grants her incredible physical and magical powers, but at a horrendous price. It’s consuming her body inch by inch, offering her an agonizingly slow death. The vein she wears around her neck is a holy artifact and wanted by religious fanatics, who need it to free the creator of the world, Lysielle, from a thousand-year incarceration. But a sorceress and her assassins are on the hunt for the artifact as well. Since defeating them is impossible, all Marisylia can do is outrun them, and get to Lysielle first – and decide if the Creator deserves another chance or not. 


With incredible creativity, the author has created a fantastical world and an amazing set of characters to inhabit it. Marisylia’s world is easily one of the most well-developed fantasy worlds out there. The characters are realistic despite the fantasy setting. They’re flawed - each of them has their own set of ambitions, and they each struggle to achieve their goal. With solid writing and a plot that will blow the reader away, the author has set out a great start to a brand new fantasy series. One can only hope the next book will be equally as engaging! 


Majanka Verstraete