Tears for Love (Lonely World Trilogy #2)


A suspenseful high fantasy adventure, “Tears for Love” is the second book in the “Lonely World Trilogy”. It involves multiple groups of people chasing down a powerful artifact bound to a girl named Marisylia. The artifact, a vein from a goddess, is attached to Marisylia and is slowly killing her while it gives her speed and power beyond comprehension. Multiple groups will stop at nothing to get their hands on it before Marisylia can return it to the goddess it was taken from. If Marisylia fails to reach the goddess in time, the Creator will be released from her prison, and either paradise will arrive or the world will end.


A wild mix of mages, assassins, religious orders, and goddesses, “Tears For Love” is a non-stop high-speed chase with a few fantasy style shootouts, and a couple of conversations that make it clear that no one is really sure what will happen when the Creator is released until the end, and even then things might work out differently than expected. Good guys become bad guys, and rivals change sides, making this a crazy action story with a fantasy setting where nothing is certain and everything is possible. The main problem is that the constant head hopping can be confusing, and since none of the people are sure about even their own beliefs most of the time, it makes the narration unreliable. Definitely a series to read in order, but great for fans of high fantasy.


Sarah E. Bradley