Tangible Spirits


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Gera is a reporter sent to Jerome, Arizona, to do a story on a local apparition named Mac. Mac has been causing mischief and "When It Happens" magazine has deemed it worth investigating.  As she pulls into town, Gera drives past a crime scene, and soon learns that the populace is blaming the murder on Mac! This is the first of several deadly activities that occur while Gera is in town. As she delves  into the mystery of the murder, Gera’s life is in as much peril as that of certain townspeople. As she uncovers clues that collide with her sanity, Gera falls in love with the handsome young proprietor of the hotel. A non-believer, Gera refuses to accept other worldly beings are causing deaths and mayhem and vows to learn the identity of the real perpetrator.

“Tangible Spirits” takes the reader to Jerome, Arizona for a beautifully written story and informational trip as well. Ms. Willis guides her audience through real landmarks such as the Sliding Jail, Cuban Queen Bordello, and the old Barlett Hotel and adds her own flavor of businesses that flow between. The ghost stories give the tale an ambiance like no other. Characters give life to the story and they are easy to love, including the ethereal beings. There are several twists in the novel the reader will not see coming, which makes this an outstanding read. “Tangible Spirits” is an excellent story for those who love history and ghost towns as well as those who just love a good romance novel.

Belinda Wilson