Taming the Beast (Eternal Mates #2)


Now that Adam is mated his brother is feeling a little lost, so with the best of intentions he signs Nathan up for the immortal dating site, Eternal Mates. Nathan is so upset at this that he gets rip-roaring drunk and wakes to find his grizzly bear-self locked in a cell at the Moonton Wildlife Park. To top it off, he can’t shift back to human and the only shining light he can see in the situation is that the hot brunette with lips to die for is his keeper. Unfortunately, in his current predicament, he can’t really do anything about how attractive he finds Maria and he sure doesn’t want to spend the rest of his very long life in captivity. 

This shifter romance is charming and delightfully funny with some exciting and suspenseful events adding lots of spice and thrilling excitement to the story. The author's "shifter mating" concept is a bit confusing, as the explanation at the beginning of the book is jumbled by the hero’s thoughts. Possibly reading other books connected to this one would be beneficial and give readers a better understanding of how Fate chooses the mates in this world. The concept, however, is quite intriguing and adds a different perspective to the story, making things interesting and fresh. While the romance part of this story is charming and bit unorthodox, and will gives readers quite a few chuckles, the suspense is quite thrilling, with some unexpected twists to really keep readers glued to the pages!

E.L. Hurley