Sunrise Over Brasov


19th Century, Moldavia: Prince Michael Sigmaringen expected one reaction after rescuing his beloved, Rosa, from the evil werewolf, Clement.  Confused incomprehension and the insistence they take Rickard (another werewolf) with them wasn’t it.   Apparently, Rosa has no memories of her life before, and indeed, hasn’t even realized she wasn’t free to begin with. They flee, with vampires as their allies, and soon begin to search for answers to the mystery surrounding Rosa’s kidnapping.

Apparently Rickard can control the change. Clement needs both him, and Rosa, a white witch, to gain control of his wolf. Now, he has lost them both, and is furious. Clement is out for blood… Will  Michael and Rosa be able to survive and reunite in love?  

“Sunrise over Brasov” is a daring blend of history, magic, science and romance! Stephanie Burkhart isn’t afraid to delve into the nature of paranormals, which, together with the dreamy setting offers a lovely backdrop to the action. However, reading this series in order might be necessary for the full experience-events and characters are so intertwined and there are so many mentions of previous important events that confusion seems inevitable to a first time reader, making the book feel “slow” at times. The royal (or noble) background of almost every character also seems unnecessary since readers can’t see much to support it and it has little bearing on the plot. Even though more weight is put on matters other than romance, the relationship between Rosa and Michael is lovely and the overall story is engrossing.

Mimi Smith