The Sun God’s Heir


HISTORICAL:  It is 1673 in Bordeaux, France.  Rene, Martin and Claire are three close friends, very loyal to one another and are often seen together riding. Their lives are all too soon drastically changed due to Victor Gaspard and his equally evil father. After an early morning duel, Rene’ is forced to flee for his life and decides the best thing to do is to work for his father’s shipping company. This will take him far from France and unfortunately, Claire, but some things can’t be helped. Thus begins Rene’s adventures abroad. He is kidnapped before ever setting sail for his father and believed to be dead. But this master of the sword manages to fight his way out of several tricky situations, with the Gaspards always a few steps behind.


This is an amazing story about swashbucklers, but there are too many technical problems with the work to give it a high rating; such as the wrong use of words, sentence fragments, and repetition of parts of sentences. Another edit could clean up these issues. There are several disjointed chapters about Egyptian myth and magic (where the story gets its name), but they are randomly sprinkled throughout and add confusion to the story.  The ending is very abrupt and frustrating because none of the problems from the beginning of the book are resolved. With an ending that resolves a few of the problems, this could be an excellent book.


Belinda Wilson