Stronger Than Blood


No one from heaven to hell would ever believe it if told - that an angel, a demon and a vampire could be friends. Will, the fallen angel working to redeem himself, Rion, the demon of chaos - and Tobias, a vampire that belongs in neither realm. Then a very surprising and immediately unwanted woman enters their lives and all bets are off. 

Immune to Will’s angelic charms, attracted to Rion’s deeply hidden vulnerability and intrigued by Tobias’ brashness, Lori can’t decide whether to run or investigate what makes these friends tick. She has some serious secrets to hide and to stay may mean disaster. But, as events converge and Lori’s world devolves, these three may be the only ones that save her. 

This story combines a bit of everything paranormal fans love - hunky handsome immortals (take your pick which one you like best), nail-biting action, and a developing romance. The writing is smooth and the characters are well fleshed out. The world, however, may cause some to take exception, as it takes Biblical characters like the Savior and his angels, and then paints them as unfeeling, jealous and petty characters.
The book also follows the lives of the three characters, giving each of them equal time which makes for a complicated story to follow, as well. Still, the story is interesting and - if one doesn’t mind a big cliffhanger for an ending, they may thoroughly enjoy this trio! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter