As Strong As Earth (Victorian Vampires Book 2)


GOTHIC:  Captain Ned Alter is bored at his own engagement party until Bianca shows up — naked. He perks up, embarrassed for the woman so brazenly walking among the guests, although no one else seems to notice her nakedness. When his mother even describes her beautiful gown, Ned wonders if he is going mad. His father takes Ned aside to tell him of his destiny as a  vampire killer, which in turn leads Ned to wonder about his father's sanity.  There is no such thing as vampires, is there? He is assured that they exist and his father and uncle have been killing them for years, looking for the one that bit Ned's grandmother and killed his  grandfather. The three men immediately go on Ned’s first hunt. 

“As Strong as Earth” is a Victorian-age vampire novella, with the beautiful, flowing language that one expects to see in this genre. Ned and his family, Bianca, and Ned’s fiancée Rosamond Cargrave are all very strong characters, each with their own set of motives. They are distinct and carry baggage from the past that follows them to the present. The story loses some credibility when readers learn that the vampire, Bianca, can change into any form at will. (Traditionally, a vampire's choices are more limited.) The story ends as a cliffhanger, but sets the scene perfectly for the next novel. "As Strong as Earth" also pulls at the heartstrings, so have tissues at the ready. This is the second in a series, so read book one, “As Vital as Blood”, while waiting for the next sequel.

Belinda Wilson