Before the Storm (Windwalker #1)


Halle Rhoads has a terrifying gift she can’t control.  It killed her father and she is determined to use to destroy the uncle who is hurting her sister.  Just as Halle is about to unleash the fury of the storm within her, however, a stranger stops the destruction, claiming he can help her harness her powers and use them in ways she never dreamed.  Halle reluctantly gives in and agrees to try it his way - for now.  But, just as her heart starts falling, she discovers nothing is as it seems.  Everyone holds secrets and no one is ready to tell her the truth.  In the fight between good and evil there are no clear-cut answers and her destiny as a Windwalker threatens to lead her away from all she thought she loved.

In this very promising start to a new YA paranormal series, Ms. Ashgrove has combined ancient folklore with fantasy in a very fresh and unique way.  While little is divulged about what exactly a Windwalker is, the process of learning little by little takes the reader on the same intense journey as her characters.  The author has done an admirable job of creating tension and endearing us to her characters. Still, one is never quite able to grasp the true emotion and depth they are searching for.  We are told so many things but given less real understanding which leaves a bit of frustration both with the emotional depth and with the storyline. Perhaps that richness will present itself in the next installment.  Judging from the ending, it promises to do so!

Ruth Lynn Ritter