Storm Watch (Unfinished Business #3)

Carole Ann

Liz and Mike Keeny run the Barrett Inn on Cape Cod.  They, and the Inn, are haunted by specters from their past lives.  It has taken almost everything they have, but they believe they have gotten control of the ghosts — until a hurricane is set to hit the Cape and they have to evacuate the Inn.  Is the category five storm headed directly for them, or does it come from within them?  The specters are very riled up and Liz and Mike send everyone off, promising they will be right behind. They then make a decision to stay and put an end to the hauntings that are threatening to take over their lives. 

This is the third book in the Unfinished Business series by Carole Ann Moleti and is a standalone novel, with characters who grow in their capacity for mercy, forgiveness and love. The writing is very visual, and gives readers a clear picture of the world around them.  The hauntings are from the 1800’s and the specters are the past lives of both Mike and Liz. This is where it gets confusing for the reader. The writing needs to distinguish more clearly the characters' actions from those of the specters. It is hard to follow the storyline otherwise, although the end of the story will have readers breathing a sigh of relief.

Laura Dinsdale