Stealing the Wolf Prince


FANTASY:  Keira and her cousin Brogan have lived for years as part of a rag-tag bunch of petty thieves and con-artists. Keira won’t do the con, but she knows how to read, and will do the research so that the players don’t go in blind. Wanting to retire before the authorities, or angry family members, find them, Brogan determines to have Keira pose as a princess, and marry a prince of an outlying city-state. Because it was where she grew up as the daughter of the King’s scribe, nothing could go wrong. Except that everything does, and it almost costs them their lives.


The off-world setting will remind the reader of Medieval Europe and all the rules and restrictions made for those not male or wealthy, with a heavy dose of magic and a few machines thrown into the mix. The story slowly rolls open, like a scroll, sucking one in and the reader will be as present in their world as the characters are. A few delicious loops are thrown in, though not every reveal will be a surprise.  Given their ancestry the foundation of the princes’ hatred of their eldest brother, Lachlan, doesn’t make sense. Sibling rivalry is one thing, being hated for inheriting traits is another. Lachlan is saner than most would be in his position, and the ending of their tale, though not without sadness, is a complete one. Keira is a strong female for her world (although not unusually so) and the players surrounding her and Lachlan will make for more magnificent stories in a world not that different from our own.


Julie York