Smitten With Death (Max Logan Series: Book 3)


Max Logan is back in black . . . leather, that is. Shes over the death of her ex, Roger-the-Proctologist, and finally ready to move on. When super sexy Grim Reaper, Morgan Kane, makes an appearance in her world, she knows to expect trouble. He meets her family then tells her he needs her help retrieving Buddy, the awkward teenage retriever with Zombie-apocalypse-causing-potential. Sporting her new black leather duds, Max accompanies the sexy reaper into hell and meets his family . . . his step-dad, Lucifer, posing as Wayne Newton, and his pretty-in-pink mother, Celina, posing as a Vegas showgirl. What else should one expect during Vegas week in Hell? 

Wow! Wucking funderful read! Even as book three, the prior storyline is laid out well and works as a stand-alone. Max is sassy and quick with lines guaranteed to have readers spewing gulps of coffee through their laughter! The authors description of sexy Reaper, Morgan, has everyone wiping the drool from their chins, while her depiction of hell/Sin City during Vegas week is nothing less than comedic genius! There were a few noticeable glitches in repetition, and the trip to hell and attempted rescue seemed a little anti-climactic, with Maxs verbal bait and switch skills proving more valuable than Morgans brawn. Even so, this was a fabulously entertaining read that has this reviewer wanting to read the entire series and searching for chocolate covered Arabica beans! Brava, Ms. Saracino!

Lori Leger