Skin & Bones (The Ever Chase Chronicles Book 1)


Ever Chace has been fascinated by the paranormal her whole life, which is why she became a paranormal researcher.  Now, she has a chance to help the Paranormal Investigations team despite the fact that its lead investigator Derek, seems to oppose her at every turn. Investigator Derek Doyle doesn’t see it the same way.  His inner-wolf has responded to Ever since the beginning.  What Ever views as Derek’s dislike for her is actually his struggle to distance himself from his growing need for her.  He can’t afford the distraction of Ever Chace during an important investigation.  Both Ever and Derek will need to keep their wits about them as the investigation becomes even more complex than either could imagine.

“Skin and Bones” is a good book.  Ms. Harris’ prose is easy to read and she composes a believable world full of many types of supernatural creatures living along-side humans.  Providing enough detail to give each community a sense of history, she deftly weaves each species into the story, providing context without needless exposition.

The book’s pace is slow at times, and the reader finds that placing supernatural beings in the middle of the mundane world of humans makes them…kind of ordinary. Harris makes up for this shortcoming by imbuing all her characters with their own individual quirks and personality traits.  A well thought out story-line with twists and turns makes “Skin and Bones” a good book to read. 

Gwenellen Tarbet