A Silver Medallion

James R.

For Crystal Moore it was just going to be another visit to her grandmother — that is, until she arrived and found her Nana with a shotgun trained on her shed. To their surprise, a Mexican woman named Rosa is hiding within, and she captures their attention and their hearts with a harrowing tale of modern-day slavery and cruelty. They learn that there is another woman being kept in Dallas while her children are imprisoned in Mexico. Crystal makes an impetuous decision to go to Mexico to try to save this woman and her children, with no thought of the danger to herself and those around her. 

James R. Callan's latest mystery brings Mexico and the plight of these women to life, and readers will feel Crystal's fear and concern. There were two things that made this book slightly less enjoyable: 1) it took about a quarter of the book for the story to really pick up and give the audience insight into why Crystal is behaving the way she is, and 2) the writing seemed inconsistent. There were parts that seemed as though the author wasn’t comfortable with the characters and world he had created, while other passages were simply a delight to read. This inconsistency made parts of the book confusing and difficult to follow. These don't prevent "A Silver Medallion" from begin a good read, however, It really opens the reader’s eyes to the horrors of what the appeal of money and power can do to a person.
Yannie Sorensen