Silver Lake


Five years ago they used to be friends. The five of them were so close they thought that would never change. Then Brandy disappeared without a trace and everything fell apart. Now her spirit seems intent on bringing Allie, Rain, Jason and A.J. together at the house by Silver Lake to discover the truth of her disappearance.

Rain is a mess. She’s newly divorced, drifting and now has to face the fact that her best friend had in fact died that night long ago.  She also has to see Jason, who had loved her once… She had lost him because of a choice she made. Will she get another chance?  Secrets are uncovered, friendships renewed and love awakened as messages from the beyond become increasingly frightening…


Thrilling and addictive are the words to describe the incredible premise of this book! Ghosts, a cast of varied, intriguing characters, a history of loves and aches and a poignant mystery. The thing is, writing a mystery is a balancing act. The author needs to give enough clues to intrigue and perhaps hint at the outcome, yet withhold enough to keep the reader anxiously turning the pages. Ms. Knight didn’t quite manage to keep the balance. At a certain point the clues got so obvious and repetitive a reader might feel frustrated by the characters’ failure to understand at least where to look. Even the big reveal wasn’t that surprising if one looked for the signs. The romance angle was sweet though, as was the camaraderie between friends, lost and found.


Mimi Smith