Shadow Play (Tracker Series #1)


Kyra is an Elemental Enforcer and has been sent to the mountains of Montana to figure out who has been kidnapping and ripping apart women from the nearby town of Marshall.  Ryder is a Tracker, and has also been asked to find and stop the murderer.  Kyra and Ryder are suspicious of each other upon first sight.  As the only female Elemental Enforcer in existence, Kyra is used to pulling her weight among a bunch of men, and does not like Ryder constantly trying to protect her.  Ryder thinks love is for “sentimental fools” and cannot figure out why he cares about Kyra at all, but the menace in the mountains is deadlier than any of them could have imagined, and they will need to work together to defeat an enemy straight from Hell.


Christie Palmer has penned a refreshing fantasy novel populated with characters that are new and haven’t been over-written about – Elementals, Trackers, Fallen angels, Banshees, Reapers.  Kyra and Ryder fall in lust with each other long before either will admit to having real feelings.  Sadly, they are hateful to each other for so much of the book that it takes away from the credibility of the love story when they finally do get together.  Fun secondary characters are bountiful and will hopefully appear in future books in the series.  Grammatical errors, especially run-on sentences, are plentiful enough to hinder the reading experience, and sudden shifts in character perspective make certain scenes confusing.  A good editor could go a long way toward helping this unique story become a must-read.    


Leslie Stokes