Shadow Lord

de Vissage

Marek Strigoi is quite happy being a scholar. When his family is killed by an enemy aventurieri (or as the humans would say it: vampire), he has no choice but to take over the family duty of being Taietor (the princes assassin). But his familys enemies wont rest, and his desire for revenge will take him across Europe, to Vienna and finally Paris.

One thing needs to be said right at the start:  while there are some romantic relationships present in this story, "Shadow Lord" is in no way a romance.  Thus, the complaint that there is hardly any development to the relationships it contains may not be valid, but is still plainly noticeable.  Even if read as a purely supernatural novel, it still strains the imagination to have a powerful vampire, with quite a bit of bad experience, fall in love at first sight - not once, but twice!  And, while the book is not specifically erotic, there are some scenes that are in the spirit of that genre. There are also some violent scenes that may be disturbing to some readers. The characters are quite vivid, but whether in a good or a bad way is not certain.  In any event, they succeed in enhancing the overall experience of the book.  Author de Vissage has created a compelling read that will leave fans of this genre burning for its (upcoming) sequel!

Ana Smith