Shadow’s Pleasure (Shadow Warder #2)


Sorcha has plans to leave the sanctuary; she feels safe here but is tired of Steven taking his mentor status a little too far. Her friends are missing and she’s a tracker so who better to go looking? This is her plan to escape. When in the meeting to determine who goes outside the sanctuary to search she is not expecting a Warder to be assigned to accompany her. This is no ordinary Warder though - this is Kiernan. He is larger than life and his assignment is that of protector. However well their assignment ends up though, a Shadow and a Warder are not allowed to be together. Can they fight the evil that has her friends spread out from Tennessee to the Carolinas and bring them back? Will the heat rise to inappropriate levels between Sorcha aka Scorch and Kiernan?


Ms. McGregor has a great adventure in “Shadow’s Pleasure”! The plot is deftly written with great suspense and drama. Action begins early in the story and continues to the very end. There are many characters and groupings of good and evil-doers to track; however, they are all well developed and manageable. This is part of a series and the beginning is easy for readers to get into but the ending does leave some unfinished business, which most likely gets cleared up later in the series. This is a hot and steamy romance that will have readers burning up and smelling smoke. This unlikely match makes for a great story of opposites attract!

Viola Robins