Severed Bonds (Annwn Unveiled, #1)


Alexandra ‘Lexi’ Blake is driving through a Minnesota snowstorm when she hits a wolf and her life alters in a way she never would have believed if it wasn’t actually happening to her. Suddenly the newly-divorced kluzty outsider is thrust into the middle of a paranormal conflict where she learns not only are vampires, shifters and Fae real, but she’s one of them. With the leader of the Rebels, or as they call themselves the Quorum, after her Lexi has to accept her new reality and quickly or end up being used by the wrong people or worse, dead. Does she have what it takes to survive this new reality? Or will it destroy her?


From the beginning, the author does an excellent job of fusing the reader with Lexi as her life is forever altered and she experiences hurt, confusion, anger, love, frustration and a multitude of other emotions as she tries to navigate a new life for herself. The explanations and details of the paranormal community and current conflict come slowly and with her life in danger those who are protecting her should have explained things more fully. Lexi’s use of magic seemed a tad rushed and could have benefited from a more in-depth description; the triangle between Lexi, Kade and Ian is confusing and seems forced while Lexi’s true background is only vaguely touched upon. The reader is left with more questions than answers, however the unique twist on the paranormal world is so incredibly interesting that one is left anxiously waiting to see how Lexi’s new destiny will pan out!


Carol Conley