Seneca’s Faith


Seneca is from the Delany Dare, and is one of the most pathetic of shifters - a latent and submissive.  She has endured the emotional abuse from her father, Rick the Alpha, and her sister (for whom, according to her father, the world turns on its axis).  A wild turn of events has her thrown into the bed of Gage McAvoy.  Together they will either change the world of the shifters forever, or become part of the ruthless plot set out for domination by her father. 


This story does not disappoint!  It is the fourth in the series, but can be read as a standalone book.  The author has great visual writing style that envelops the reader in the world of the mountain lion, lions, and tiger shifters.  There is a whole world that explodes in fight scenes, assassins and peace treaties that are being brokered through the love story of Fated Mates.  Gage and Seneca are written with great characterization that enhances the plot of the story. At times the antagonist, her father, is a bit over the top and makes it more unbelievable. The plot thickens in the constant battle to have faith in one’s mate as that faith is stretched and slammed back together throughout the fight to save the Shadowcat Nation. The steam factor is high and well written as it is weaved in throughout the story. A must read for shifter fans!


Laura Dinsdale