The Seer’s Lover

de Falla

Red eyes? White eyes? Gray eyes? Each color disclosed what side of the war between Good and Evil an individual fought on Angel, Demon, or Human. From the quiet unassuming landscape of the Midwest, to the jungles of Costa Rica, and finally around the world to frigid Russia, Calise Rowes eyes were opened to a world she thought existed but never had definite proof. She had a giftmaybe a curse. Clouds of color surrounded people she met on the street or in her life. The hues of color would alert her to potential dangers or their innate goodness. However, seeing things and getting repellent vibes off every Tom, Dick, or Harry meant one thingshe must be crazy? Her instincts were confirmed when an unwanted customer with a very dark aura threatened her. Ellies eyes finally adjusted to the shadows and the light of the shrouded world. With her new view of reality, Ellie sets off on a life-altering adventure filled will romance, danger, and mysticism.

The Seers Lover resembles a literary roller coaster, replete with emotional ups-and-downs, plot twists and turns, and not to mention the endless action. Ms. De Falla has expertly woven a modern-day love story amongst religious lore and the on-going war of morality. This truly is a tale of biblical proportion! The level of research and preparation taken to write such a rich story is much appreciated, as are the word choices and pacing of this epic tale. 

Amy Willis