Secrets (The Secret Enemy Saga Book 3)


MYSTERY/SCI-FI:  Kristina is from the human world, but those from another world kill her parents and so she has married Tegrin from the Kingdom of Patwain. They cross back and forth between the two worlds to seek the evil Priestess, Alexasia.  They had believed she was dead, but they are now certain she has recreated herself in another form. Kristina is a seer and she keeps having disjointed nightmares about Alexasia, but she doesn’t know what they could mean. She and Tegrin seek out the great-grandmother she has never met, in hopes that she can help them in their quest.


This is the third book in a series and would be best read after the first two books - it is not a stand-alone. Kristina and Tegrin are well developed characters. They show emotions, intellect, and cunning while they are on their quest. One feels empathy for Kristina when she can’t control her ‘gift’ or interpret her dreams. Alexasia is just pure evil. There is no depth to her character, just the essence of evil that can permeate anything she touches. The remainders of the characters are flat in comparison to Tegrin and Kristina. There are several mysteries within this novel for the reader to ponder upon as Tegrin and Kristina are on the quest to find her great-grandmother. An interesting book that would be even better if read in the order that the series is written.


Belinda Wilson