The Secret Door (Budapest Moon, Book Four)


Zolton has learned to live two lives: one of a high ranking government official, the other as a werewolf.  His secret stays safe until he is accused of stealing a witch from the powerful but ruthless Meklau family.   After an attack, Zoltan is left wounded and bloody but Kirk Meklau is dead and Meklau’s father wants revenge.

Sophis Varga knows the dangers and the secrets of the wolves, and, upon finding Zoltan almost dead, takes him to her manor to heal.  That decision will change the course of her life.  But as her interest, then passion, grows for this elusive and dangerous man, so does the violence against her home and family.  Together they must decide what the cost is to truly love.

There are many interesting and wonderful touches employed in this unique blend of history and paranormal romance.  The setting of 1920s Hungary, with all the beauty and emerging technology of the age, is intriguing and plays a fine yet delicate part in the rich enjoyment of the story.  This isn’t the first in a series, and while it can stand alone, it would be much better understood if the previous books have been read.  Otherwise there are many small threads left dangling that niggle at the brain and keep one from thoroughly enjoying the book. Things such as how the auras soothe, and how Sophia can obviously lose her virginity without Zolton even noticing. Neither is their relationship flushed out enough to understand their immediately intense feelings.  Still, it is an interesting and richly enjoyable twist of a read that keeps one turning pages!

Ruth Lynn Ritter