Second On The Right


FANTASY:  Eileen Davis could be described as “too nice”. You know the type. The kind that avoids confrontation to their own detriment? Gets looked over and pushed over but forever retains their optimistic belief in humanity? After being virtually pushed to enter a drawing for a cruise, Eileen is surprised to find she’s won. Little does she know her life is to be turned on its head. Who knew pirate training was part of her cruise itinerary?

James Robert Benedict has made a successful career in shipping. He’s spent his life devoted to his work and wants for nothing—except maybe love. When he meets Eileen his life takes a sharp 180 - he wants to protect her, give everything he has to her. How could he possibly know he’d have to sacrifice his hand and save her from an evil, soul-sucking Peter Pan?

Without a blurb about this book one wouldn’t know it was a spin on Peter Pan until the middle of the book. Initially, it presents as a charming time-traveling pirate romance but veers half-way through into what the book is really about. Unfortunately, this is a theme throughout the book. It has a feeling of running through a gauntlet, with romance, characters, and unnecessary elements lobbed from all directions. The premise of this story is fantastic! This twist on the Peter Pan story is unique and fantastical but is barraged by too many elements that take away from a potentially timeless fairytale.

Sofia St. Angeles